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Saxon/Hart is a cause marketing alliance and production firm founded in 2013.

Cause Marketing is still a new concept wherein companies bring awareness to social issues through events, production, and branded content. Saxon/Hart is a pioneer in this niche creating a way for all to participate. The “Alliance” allows us to work with the general public by having them volunteer at our events, support our causes, and ultimately become part of our extended Saxon/Hart family. Our production firm will then simultaneously work with leading businesses on their sponsorship and marketing goals in delivering strong returns on their investments.

Giving Forward.
A different way to help.

Saxon|Hart Introduction

Why I started Saxon/Hart. To Give.  I started Saxon/Hart to give ... more

Help us help them.
It can help you, too.

7 Jul

We Produce Branded Content for our Sponsors

Our supporters and sponsors make this 100% possible. In return, we ... more

Thank you to all of our friends who are making this possible

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